New Product Focus

Takeway Clampod T1


Part of my blog will be dedicated to products I truly feel can enhance your photography experience.

My very first "New Product Focus" is dedicated to most unique and amazing product I have come across to date.

The brand is TakeWay and the product is the Clamped T1 - This is a HAVE to have not a nice to have!!

This AMAZING device is not just unique, its design is sleek, strong and practical. A product you HAVE to have in your camera bag. 


Constructed out of AEROSPACE Aluminium, this means the T1 is unearthly strong, being able to hold up to 40kgs. However being such a powerhouse doesn't mean the T1 is heavy it is actually supper light, amazing for travelling and quick setups.


Apart from the T1 photographic uses its a great travel companion in so many ways!

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